Senior Collections



Beautiful Documentation of a New Phase of Life

I remember my Senior year of high school. Excitement to be on the front row during sporting events, senior prom, and college visits with some of my lifelong friends. Although my four years spent in high school were nothing like High School Musical, they were four years I will never forget. My college years flew by just as quickly as high school. Suddenly, my last semester of classes was over and the path of the unknown for a new phase in my life was right in front of me. The changes I went through during my high school and college years helped shape me into the woman I am today.
If you are reading this, there is a good chance you are in or nearing your Senior Year. The changes you have already gone through to get you to where you are and the changes that will happen in the future are going to be amazing. You are going to grow in every aspect of your life. Your Senior Year represents the end of a younger period of your life and the beginning of a new growing period. That is why you deserve the most beautiful images to hold time still for just a moment longer before you step into the path of the unknown in the next phase of your life. Take these images for yourself. To be able to look back on with your future children and tell them all of the stories of your younger life. Take these images for your family. They love you so much and will appreciate having images of their baby (you will never not be their baby, trust me) to hang on the walls. Take these images because you will never be at this phase in your life ever again. Oh, and time moves fast. Cherish this. This time is beautiful.
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